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How to Prove Astrology is Fake


Twins: Identical, Fraternal and Astral


The question of twins poses a number of problems for astrology. When identical twins are conceived, they share the exact same DNA with one another. Because twins are born at essentially the same time, astrology would predict that they would lead very similar lives - and, when raised in the same household, that is indeed true. However, a similar prediction is made by genetics, so how should the two ideas be differentiated?


The key is with fraternal twins: two individuals conceived and born at the same time, but through different eggs and sperm. Because of this, the DNA in each is unique.

এই লেখাটির বাংলা অনুবাদ করতে আগ্রহীরা যোগাযোগ করুন


Astrology would predict that they should still live relatively similar lives (at least to the same degree that identical twins do), but genetics would not. According to actual research, the predictions of science prove to be true. Astrology loses.


Further evidence on this point is provided by so-called "Astral Twins." These individuals are born at the same time and in the same area (the same hospital, for example). According to astrology, astral twins should also live essentially the same sort of lives because they are under the same celestial influences. Research, however, has proven such predictions wrong.


It isn't even necessary to use science to reach such a conclusion - for quite a long time, critics have been aware of the fact that two children born at the same time, but with one to paupers and one to a noble family, do not live similar lives. Or, to think of another example, consider that many, many children were born at the same moment as Hitler. Did those children have more in common with Hitler than they did with their own families?



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