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How to Prove Astrology is Fake


Astrology Constellation


Traditionally, a great deal of importance has been attributed to the 12 constellations which make up the zodiac. It is worth wondering, however, why this should be so. It must be remembered that these constellations do not exist as independent groups of stars: instead, they are patterns which we create in our own minds. These stars are very, very rarely close to each other - if we were to go around to the side, we would see completely different patterns of stars.


Because these groupings are arbitrary human constructions, how could they possibly have any impact on human personalities and human lives, much less the very specific effects which astrology traditionally attributed to them? Did astrologers first notice the effects of certain star groups on people and then assign those groups names and images which were somehow connected to those personality traits, or was the series of events actually just the opposite?


এই লেখাটির বাংলা অনুবাদ করতে আগ্রহীরা যোগাযোগ করুন

If astrological effects were based upon accumulated data, that data could only have been from a small sample of prominent Babylonians (in Babylon, it was a crime punishable by death to do astrology for private individuals). How could such a tiny sample size be statistically valid for the entire human species?


What about the fact that the constellations are not all of equal size? Because they differ in how much of our sky they actually occupy, the sun does not really move through each in equal spans of time. In order to make up for this unfortunate fact, odd-sized and arbitrary boundaries had to be drawn in an attempt to make them all appear similar. Was this done after carefully noting how the alleged effects of a constellation extended to certain border regions? Or were the boundaries instead drawn out of convenience and the horoscopes adjusted to match expectations?


Why is it that astrologers never mention the fact that the sun actually passes through fourteen constellations, not twelve? It appears that when the zodiac was originally created, the sun really did only pass through twelve constellations - something which has changed over time due to the Earth's precession.


After passing through the constellation of Sagittarius, the sun actually enters Ophiuchus (the Serpent Holder) - and remains there for a longer period of time than it ever spends in Scorpius. Then, while the sun is passing through Pisces, it actually spends some time in Cetus (the Whale). So why weren't these other two constellations ever added? Why don't they influence people's lives? Why didn't the changing data force alterations in the theory?


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