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How to Prove Astrology is Fake


Mechanism of Astrology


One of the problems with astrology is the general lack of a sound mechanism by which celestial objects might exert an "influence" over our lives. This is particularly important because, if astrologers want their field to be considered scientific, some testable mechanism must be proposed. It simply cannot be enough to postulate mystical or supernatural connections between us and various planets - this is the province of religion and faith, not science and reason.

Some have countered this critique by arguing that science has sometimes proposed ideas for which there was no known mechanism. For example, the idea of plate tectonics was proposed long before people could explain a mechanism of how the continents might drift and long before a fuller understanding of the Earth's core was developed. Another example would be the idea of inherited characteristics being proposed long before the existence and nature of "genes" was discovered. Finally, there is the case of the early study of radiation and its effects long before the development of atomic principles and radioactive decay.

The important differences between such scientific discoveries and pursuits like astrology are ignored, however. For one thing, not all scientists accepted the above proposals in the absence of clear evidence and any definitive explanation about a mechanism as to how the alleged theories were supposed to work.

A second difference lies in the fact that the data people were trying to explain were observations which had been independently verified over and over again - thus, the existence of these events was definitely true. The problem facing researchers was in finding a mechanism which would allow them to explain how. The same is definitely not the case with astrology, where even the validity of claimed events is questionable at best.

এই লেখাটির বাংলা অনুবাদ করতে আগ্রহীরা যোগাযোগ করুন

One mechanism which sometimes gets offered is gravity - after all, it is a measurable force which can work at great distances. Maybe, some astrologers have thought, the gravity of various planets and stars influences how our lives proceed and how our personalities work. The problem which these proposals have is that they ignore the fact that everything with mass exerts a gravitational pull on everything else - gravity is not limited to massive objects like planets.

To see how the problem of a mechanism manifests itself, let's take the example of the planet Mars. This planet is often cited as having significant influence over people's lives, so if its influence comes through the work of gravity, how does this compare to the gravitational influence of other objects? The following information is taken from Astrology: True or False? A Scientific Evaluation, by Roger B. Culver and Philip A. Ianna:


Mars 1
Mother 20
Doctor 6
Hospital 500
Sun 854,000
Moon 4600



We could continue with a variety of other objects, like the earth itself or various buildings which might be located nearby, but the results should already be clear. Whatever "influence" the planet Mars might have through gravity on a newborn child is vastly outweighed by the influence of innumerable other objects much closer to the birth. The exact same results, albeit with different numbers, can be obtained if we assume that the influence of Mars is transmitted through tidal forces or electromagnetic energy.

So, why aren't horoscopes cast using the hospital or the doctor? Because there are no magical relationships traditionally matched between them and newborn infants. These are facts, and astrology is not based upon facts: it is based upon tradition and faith, regardless of how those might conflict with more recent and more accurate knowledge of our universe.


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