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How to Prove Astrology is Fake


Astrology : Miscellaneous Problem


Is Astrology really a form of bigotry? After all, it is a form of prejudice based simply upon the time of a person's birth.


Just what is the likelihood of one out of every twelve people on the entire planet having basically the same kind of day? What is the likelihood of the same percentage of people being basically the same kind of person and having basically the same kind of fate?


Whatever the force is which carries the astrological effects, why is it independent of distance? After all, the closer planet of Mars is not presented as having any inherently stronger influence than the very distant planet of Uranus.


Some commonly proposed mechanisms of the astrological effects of the planets, like electromagnetic radiation, are subject to refraction by our atmosphere. Yet at no point do astrologers ever attempt to take this effect into account. Why not?

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If the planets have such a significant impact on people's lives, what about other important celestial objects in our solar system? Why don't any horoscopes take into account the positions of various near-earth asteroids? Why isn't there a special notation for comets? Is it simply a coincidence that only the effects of naked-eye objects known to Ptolemy, plus the three other planets discovered since then, are taken into consideration?


Why don't all astrologers try to take into account the exact latitude and longitude of the place of birth? After all, if the planets and stars are going to influence a person's life and character, surely that person's relative position to those objects is important.


What does astrology say about people who live along the equator, where seasonal changes are minimal? What about people who live in the Southern Hemisphere, were the seasons run opposite? Why isn't a "Sunny Leo" now a "Wintry Leo" in Australia? Such uncomfortable facts are normally just ignored. The seasonal basis of tropical astrology seems meaningless when applied uniformly across an entirely planet.


Why do some astrologers claim that we can tell about the character and future of abstractions that are "born" under certain astrological influences?


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