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Bangla Font Support

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Bangla Font Support

Bangla Font Support

You should see both Bangla and English properly if you browse using Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. In this case, you do not have to get the Bangla font installed in your PC.

If you use other browsers like Mozilla, FireFox, Opera etc. you need to install Boishakhi Font in your PC.

If you still have problem, please let us know.

Steps to follow to install font in your PC


1. Download Boishakhi Font and save it on your hard disk.

2. Go to My Computer

2. Go to the C: drive

3. Go to the Windows folder

4. Go to the Fonts folder

6. Go to Install New Fonts from the File menu

7. Select the location of your hard disk where you saved the downloaded font.

8. You will find Boishakhi font in the list of font box. Select the font.

9. Now click on OK button


Last Update: April 23 2014 23:35:52


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