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Aries Woman and Cancer Man

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The Aries girl has private doubts about her feminity. But a Cancer mans beautiful sensitivity and his gentlemanly air of protectiveness can bring out all the feminity in his Aries lady, and ensure her that she is all feminine, beautiful and desirable. A Cancer man can be very amusing and entertaining, and can make anything from counting money to digging clams wacky fun, with loads of laughs. Hell secretly be proud of her courageous mind and bright spirit, no matter how he grumbles about her immaturity, and hell grow to depend on her for the emotional support he needs.


Problem begins with their Jealousy. Both of them are intensely jealous. To Cancer, jealousy simply proves how much hes loved and needed, and with this woman, hell get all of that kind of proof he needs maybe a little more than he can handle. Jealousy can sometimes bring a sense of emotional security to the Ram too just a light touch of it, now and then. An Aries girl is determined; where as a Cancer Man is tenacious. But she doesnt understand the word tenacity, because it diametrically opposes her most evident quality impatience. Aries girl may believe hes too stern at times, too fussy or stingy. Another trouble spot could be this mans tendency to keep secrets. When he refuses to tell her whats on his mind, she may imagine all sorts of far out things, which would be a torture to herself. But not for long. Remember, Aries will waste no time on a situation thats been analyzed as impossible to change. She might possibly leave him. Suddenly. With little or no warning.


In their sexual life, adjustments will also be necessary. However, with a little effort theyll be able to find their mutual emotional security and harmony in their physical love sharing.


The maternal yearning is very powerful in Cancer. If his mother is still living, the girl Ram who loves a boy Crab may have some stiff competition for his devotion and attention. However, in a strange way, it might work to their benefit, the Mama thing, I mean.


It will require lots of patience and lots of love for these two to get settled mentally and physically together forever.

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