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Aries Woman and Pisces Man

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This combination usually works out better when the girl is the Pisces and the boy is the Ram. An Aries female needs a determined, thick-skinned male, who has the aggressiveness to say, Shut up, and listen, when its necessary. And it will assuredly be necessary, from time to time, with this girl.


In a way, its what she secretly seeks and longs for someone who will control her firmly (and make her feel feminine) on occasion. She needs a strong big man to protect her, a companion she considers her equal in intelligence, a lover who will physically conquer her, and a quiet man who will not try to confine her spirited personality, or domineer her.  It would also be nice if he could be poet. He must, by all means, be possessed of impeccable integrity, and be snowflake-pure-sexually-faithful to her.


A girl Ram is fun and fresh. Shes pretty and punchy, full of spirit and sparkles and warmth and generosity all that. A Pisces man is meek, but he is more likely than any other to genuinely believe in the kind of enchantment every Aries girl lives within, and demands romantically. Shell adore him for it. Shell trust his dreams, have faith in his visions and shell respond with little flutters of excitement to his sensitivity and his gentleness. Then shell feel an irresistible urge to defend him against those who judge him unfairly as an idle dreamer with no fortune.


The sexual relationship between them will be the eternal and beautiful mutual attraction of explosive activity and cool stillness. With favorable planetary exchanges in their nativities, the Ram and the Fish could enjoy an exceptionally happy physical chemistry that could outlast periodic bickering, or hurt feelings.


The only dragons that stand between Aries and Pisces are his illusions, which to him, are reality and her reality, which is, actually, an illusion. Plus the smaller gargoyles of his passivity, and her impatience and their mutually sensitive, vulnerable natures. No outsider can slay these dragons and gargoyles for them. They must be destroyed from within.

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  Woman and   Man

Last Update: July 31 2007 15:11:16


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