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Aries Woman and Scorpio Man

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A Scorpio man penetrates life to the core. He has an almost superhuman capacity to face the facts about himself and others. What does a woman do when shes been exposed to such a man? If shes an Aries, she usually falls in love with an unbelievable intensity.


He may permit her to share parts of him never before revealed to anyone else. Thats because he admires the absence of feminine guile in her nature. He responds to her fresh innocence and faith in him, and hes touched by her loyalty. Since neither of them is ever satisfied until theyve drained the cup of romance of its last drop of pleasure, emotionally theyre well matched and mated. Mentally, theyre about as far apart as two people can get and still remain members of the same human race.


His mind is shrewd, critical, cautious and skeptical. Her mental process are careless, direct, impulsive and uncomplicated. This distance between their mental outlooks can take one of two paths. It can add intrigue and glamour to their relationship, based on the law that opposites attract or it can break the law, and widen into such a chasm, that they find it impossible to communicate, even on those levels where theyre alike and sympathetic. Which way it goes depends almost entirely on the planetary aspects between their horoscopes.


Their sexual attraction can continue into old age, with none of its original passion dimmed. The only area where sex can cause problems between them is her tendency to exaggerate his strong appeal for women into accusations of unfaithfulness or if his typical Scorpio Suspicion should cause him to interpret her free and friendly manner with all men as flirting. If she can manage to tolerate his quiet air of superiority, exasperating silence and deep wells of secrecy his somewhat stingy attitude (compared with hers) about spending money, and his iron-clad convictions of right and wrong even when they differ from her own, she can find an enduring happiness withthis man. Similarly, if he can overlook her surges of jealousy, her financial extravagance, frequent demands for attention and her somewhat immature emotional approach to all problems, hell find all the woman hes ever sought in an Aries female. And in such case, even if they do not get any planetary assistance or support, they will be living happily thereafter.

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