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Aries Woman and Taurus Man

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Aries woman is determined, while Taurus man is stubborn. Theres no denying this astrological fact about them. An Aries woman thinks immovable objects (him) are simply things to kick aside, leap over or melt with the irresistible force of her heat. Not this one.


She shoves he sits. She pushes he pouts. She demands he digs in. The next step could be: she weeps he walks. But Aries and Taurus can do other things together. Like, if she smiles hell soften. If she coaxes hell cuddle. If she bear-hugs hell beam. Youll notice its always she who initiates the first move between them of any kind.


Aries woman is extravagance, Taurus man is economic. Aries need excitement, the Taurus need peace and quiet. Aries woman is Jealous, and Taurus man is possessive. Although Taurus men are as practical about love as they are about everything else, theyre also deeply affectionate, quietly romantic and deeply sentimental. Yet, there could be some problems concerning the physical sharing of their love (mainly Sex). Sex is, to the Aries woman, a form of release mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. While sex is, to the Taurus man, a normal and natural function, for the purpose of achieving two very tangible and sensible results the satisfaction of sensual and erotic flesh needs and children. A family.


But with some effort at adjusting to each others different metabolisms and personal mannerisms, this man and woman can find a rare and very cozy contentment together. If hes handled gently, with a decent amount of consideration for his own feelings, this man will stick by the girl Ram he loves through the darkest storms, like a steady rock of solid love, covering the miseries of her mistakes with a warm, protective blanket of sheer devotion. And hell usually back up his caring with a dependable bank account, and a leakless roof over her head (not to mention a well-stocked refrigerator).

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