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Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man

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Theres always something slightly helpless and appealing in the Cancerian female, and the Capricorn man senses it sooner than most. What this woman needs is a strong man to lean on, someone who can smooth away all her worries and calm all her fears who provides her with a shoulder to cry on now and then. But shes not quite as helpless as she seems. The Moon Maid would prefer to lead by guiding her mans destiny gently, unobtrusively, in the backgroundif shes in love. When she is not in love, a Cancer gal can be mighty ambitious in her career, and will do just about anything to get to the top of the heap.


Every Cancerian woman is secretly looking for a good provider, and this the Capricorn man certainly is. He is always ambitious (as much so as she is) and usually successful. In fact, hes often the epitome of everything she would like to be, but cannot for she is too vulnerable. Conversely, she represents to the Goat all the qualities he privately would love to call his own, but cannot for he is not vulnerable enough. Therefore, almost from the moment these two meet, there is an unmistakable appreciation of one another, which is one of the strongest foundations for love.


Next to Pisces, no other woman so secretly enjoys being controlled and conquered by the male she adores. And if any man can be domineering, tender, and affectionate all at once, its this one. So it all works out in a favorable manner for both of them, usually.


This relationship has the blessings from the stars, which means, if both of them really loves each other, then despite those periodic tensions and troubles (which wont be serious), these two will have a happy conjugal life.

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  Woman and   Man

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