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    Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

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Very few people even try to understand a Cancer woman, let alone appreciate her. The Scorpio man will do both. So, she senses this is one human being on the planet who really knows her. Shes right. He does.


Scorpions love a challenge, and coaxing the shy but funny Cancerian girl to trust him will be one of his easier ones. Surprisingly, the normally very suspicious Scorpio will probably trust her also, from the first moment their eyes meet.


The Cancer and the Scorpion each possess a hard shell of self-protection, an extra insurance policy from Nature against the intense degree of hurt always felt by such sensitive, sensitive creatures. This is the real basis for their empathy. No one seeks and needs love more than the Cancer woman and the Scorpio Man. Not an ordinary love, but an all-encompassing love, woven with the strong threads of devotion, gentleness, and loyalty. The last word is ultra, super important to them both. She needs visible tokens of his affection. He needs to know that her lovemaking stems from a genuine desire to be one with him. If they remain aware of one anothers unspoken needs, their physical mating can be a truly transcendental experience.  But they both may have occasion to learn that controlled passion is not passion at all. Only when two people trust one another totally in every other way can they fully express love through sexual intimacy.


The Cancer soon discovers that her Scorpio lovers chief faults are his suspicious nature, jealousy, and a desire to dominate his mate (and most everyone else), however well disguised just as he realizes very early in the relationship that her weak points are secrecy, smothering possessiveness, and a quivering vulnerability to hurt, both real and imagined. They both must conquer together these negative traits of themselves.


When they are angry, both tend to retreat into their individual caverns of silence, which is the worst of all possible solutions for these two Sun Signs. What Cancer and Scorpio need, however, is to talk it over, to verbalize their complaints.


It is the blessed-by-grace Love Sign Pattern, meaning that they can be one of those happiest couple in the world with no more than just a little effort.

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  Woman and   Man

Last Update: August 02 2007 12:17:14


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