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Cancer Woman and Taurus Man

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The Taurus man is a slow starter in romance. Though he has an enormous capacity for love, it doesnt burst into verbal or physical commitment overnight. Once it does blossom, however, it flowers beautifully, and usually permanently. Permanence is something the Cancer female needs, for all her whimsical emotional wanderlust. Taurus mans fidelity is eternal if he isnt pushed beyond great endurance by the incorrigible behavior of his partner.


An occasional Cancerian girl will claim shes not typical of her Sun Sign because I dont like to cook, I dont want children, and I hate staying home. Dont let her fool you, like shes fooling herself. The reason shes saying this is because she hasnt found the man she secretly yearns for, the one who will protect her and wrap her up in thick blankets of devotion. She may inwardly love babies and cooking and homemaking, but shes not going to stand over a hot oven or rock a cradle for just any male. Until he materializes out of her moonlight dreams.


Their sexual compatibility, barring severe afflictions between their natal planets in their respective birth charts, is usually excellent. The Bull will give the Moon Maiden a feeling of being snugly loved, warmly desired and, yes, sexually dominated (which is what she really wants, in her secret heart).


Its difficult for this lady to resist real love when its offered with the kind of sincerity Taurus love is offered. In return, shell adore him madly and probably never leave him unless he places her in the middle in a fuss with her family, or insults her mother (this girl is intensely loyal to her mama and other members of her family as well).


Not many Sun Sign combination have as much hope for success as Taurus and Cancer, once they know who they are, and where theyre going. When the issues are cloudy, they can always find their way back to each other, through the mist, if they meditate on this ancient wisdom: Seek the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

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  Woman and   Man

Last Update: August 02 2007 12:17:06


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