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Capricorn Woman and Sagittarius Man

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She may seem to shrug off his cruel words, even the kind and complimentary ones, as though she couldnt care less, either way. Oh, but she does care. She cares deeply. The unkind words will leave scars shell never show. The kind ones will cause her to grin shyly, and breathe a little sigh of happiness, when shes sure hes not looking or listening. The outward coolness of this lovely, serious, and self-contained girl hides a depth of loneliness inside she can never express. This is a woman who needs so very muchkindness. Her ruler planet restricts her from demonstrating her gratitude, from showing her tenderness, but its there just as shes always there, when he needs her. Her love is steady and dependable, like a grandfather clock, ticking away forever (unless he insults her family.)


Still, for all the growing pains of their love, the Sagittarian mans soaring ideals will teach the Goat Girls mind to fly higher into the realms of Lifes meaning than she ever dared venture before he came along to take her by the hand.


He has a truly magical way of lifting her out of her inky-blue spells of depression, with a bright sunbeam thought that turns her eyes and her spirit toward the sky. His love can be an experience in both heartache and ecstasy for her. He offers his heart so honestly, with such faith shell never break it, that she feels whatever happens she may never be able to leave him. I can hear her words as she reads this, cant you? Mush, mush, mushy sentiment! as she turns away with a shrug of dismissal. But watch her closely. See her Mona Lisa smile?

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  Woman and   Man

Last Update: May 20 2007 16:29:08


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