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Gemini Woman and Aries Man

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Unless they met in high school, and were married shortly thereafter (which does happen rather frequently with these two Sun Signs, since theyre both always in such a hurry), an Aries man may fiercely resent his Gemini girls past love life, which could have been, by normal standards, somewhat extensive. Its almost sure to include, if not a couple of ex-husbands, at the very least, half a dozen broken engagements or a few flickering old flames. But that doesnt mean shes fickle or promiscuous. Their relationship may have a few other pitfalls along with its undeniable delights like a possible lack of will power and stability, which the Aries Man possesses. Will power and dependability are not her major talents.


However, this is one man who probably wont insist that his Gemini woman stay a homemaker. Hell probably realize he can use her versatile viewpoints and original thinking in his business life or career, so its common to find this couple working together, after marriage, as well as before. They usually make a crackerjack team. He knows exactly what he wants and she has plenty of ideas about how to help him get it. Besides, he can watch her more closely if shes with him all day. It eliminates his worry about the milk man, the cleaner, the grocer, and the handsome chap who runs the elevator in their apartment building. Aries Jealousy!


Aries and Gemini will always have something to say to each other sometimes too much. Conversation, in any case, is not likely to lag between them. As for the sex, this man and woman will believe themselves to be ideally mated, in the beginning. However, theres a difference between their views of sex. Aries mans own sexual expression is direct and intense. Hers is somewhat more elusive and complicated.


However, hes so bright and brave, so friendly, open and enthusiastic. Shes so utterly feminine, charming, versatile and

spontaneous. If only they dont try to change each other they can remain boy and girl forever. And children are the luckiest people in the Universe.

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  Woman and   Man

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