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Leo Woman and Aries Man

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A lioness is not easy to live with, and sometimes just plain impossible to handle. She can be proud, aloof, vain, self-centered and arrogant. She can also be a strong, vital, warm and generous woman, if her obvious superiority is recognized and respected. Although she never surrenders herself lightly, with an Aries man whos careful never to destroy her dignity, and who makes it clear how much he admires her, she will be unexpectedly docile. Not too surprisingly, the Aries man will encourage her to live up to her birthright pride and dignity. A queenly attitude becomes her, he believes. (It also makes him seem like a real winner for having managed to capture her.) Hell often display a softer side of his nature with this woman, be more considerate of her wishes. Perhaps he places her on a pedestal to win and keep her royal favors, but more likely the reason is that he honestly feels she deserves a bit of worship, because shes so very special so very much like him(!).


An occasional quarrel keeps Aries and Leo from taking love for granted, which can be boring and uninspiring. These lovers have a basic need for periodic re-charging of their initial passion. When the Sun Signs aspects of these two are not favorable, these two will tolerate each other rather well. Thats because, astrology practically guarantees harmony and happiness to this April-August relationship. In this case, the affair or marriage could nearly be made in Heaven.


The Ram and the Lion are graced with this most desirable of all blessing from the gods the ability to be friends, as well as lovers. Sexually, they are unusually well mated. Their mutual instinct for uninhibited passion in lovemaking is tempered with their shared need for tender affection.


The impulsive, impetuous Ram will find a warm home in the heart of the Leo woman, and she will lionize her Aries mate. In Return hell bring to her the splendid gift of himself all of himself and thats something he never quite gave to anyone until he found her.

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  Woman and   Man

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