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Leo Woman and Cancer Man

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When these two marry, and they likely will, because Cancerian plan for permanency, and the Lioness auditions only for the role of Queen-Wife, never mistress or discarded girl friend the Crab should know this about his sunny and charming mate: she must rule something. Or she will try to rule someone. Namely, him. (And the children, of course) The Cancer man who sincerely loves his Lioness and gracious knows Cancerians never love any other way but sincerely, because they are all so sincere will encourage her to pursue a career worthy of her talents (the Leo woman has never been born who doesnt possess one or more impressive talents) or allow her to be the absolute, if benevolent, monarch over their home. One or the other. Otherwise, shell be desperately unhappy, and hell be mighty miserable Man-in-the-Moon, frequently scorched by her ruling Sun. Then he might have to resort to the bottle, or other liquid escapes until shes ready to apologize. Considering Leos great allergy to apologies, it could be a long siege.


Cancer Mans mother was is and always shall be a saint. The Lioness would be well advised to keep that in mind. While Leo doesnt ordinarily cling to old injuries, unfortunately Cancer does tend to hang on to them with a fairly firm grip, whether they occurred several hours or several years ago. If the Crab would imitate his Leo womans magnanimous spirit, hed be a happier man, and this is one of the things astrology means when it decrees that Cancer has lessons to learn from Leo.


To avoid frequent tensions in their relationship, it would be much easier for her to swallow that large lump of false pride, and for him to crawl out from his self-protective shell.

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