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Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

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The outward manner of the Leo girl may be warm, generous, gregarious, and friendly. But that doesnt mean shell be overjoyed to discover herself being dissected like a butterfly beneath the incredibly deep, steady gaze of a Scorpion whos trying to probe the very depths of her mind, heart, and soul, let alone her body. If his eyes become too intimate too soon, even though shes magnetically drawn to him, shell not hesitate to turn him into ice with her frozen, royal dignity. The Lioness dislikes familiarity from strangers, so wait until you know her better before you stare her into a trance. One doesnt stare at a Queen. It can get you banished from the ball with a contemptuous, regal wave of her hand.


Relationship of these two is not blessed by the planets, so, there will be many issues, creating conflict between them. One of the major issue may be money. But if this man and this woman really try, they can create a beautiful scene together.


If she can learn to appreciate the emotional security and exceptional devotion he offers her and he can learn to truly value her warm, generous and sunny spirit, they can transmute the astrological square of tension and conflict into equally powerful energy, to create an amazingly strong tie that binds.


These two have a tendency to make one another jealous and sometimes they throw mental and emotional challenge to the other. If this man and woman would gaze deeply into each others eyes, directly into their own true natures, they would see theres no need for jealousy or competition between them.


The attempt to cement a relationship with children often fails with other couples. But with Leo and Scorpio, Destiny has mysteriously decreed that if need and desire are intense enough a child shall lead the way to Oneness.

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  Woman and   Man

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