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Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

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A Libra girl may try to sweetly and softly maneuver for position with her Aquarian man, to manipulate him into her own program and pattern of living, and hell go along at first, when hes overcome by her dimples and divine charm, not to mention her starburst smile there will come the time when he will balk. The stubbornness of a Aquarian male when hes had enough makes a mule look like the most docile, easily led and persuaded creature in the world. This man wont move a fraction of an inch when he believes hes right.


However, once these two have reached a comfortable compromise concerning their individual concepts of what is fair, they can collect all the rewards and benefits of their blessed relationship. Strangely, music could be the golden cord that draws the Libra woman and the Aquarius man together initially in some manner, either a common interest in it, or the encouragement of one for the others pursuit of it. Sometimes its art, sometimes religion, philosophy or travel to foreign countries, higher educational endeavours, children, young people or the theater in some formbut there will always be multiple areas they can see as smooth stepping-stones into their garden of compassion and warm compatibility of ideas and ideals.


He thinks shes beautiful, and although love is blind, hes probably right in his image of this ladys pulchritude. She thinks hes the most super-smart man shes ever known. Granted, his intelligence is puzzling at times. The occasional lack of logic in his thinking disturbs her a little, but shes mentally alert and clever enough to cope with that. He appreciates her fine mind, quickly perceives her ability to converse with him on a variety of topics, and therefore hold his interest with more than her curves and dimples. The Libra woman who wants to hold the elusive love of an Aquarius man must allow him to take the lead. There is no other way.

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  Woman and   Man

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