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Sagittarius Woman and Taurus Man

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The Sagittarian girls ebullient spirits help her snap back from most misfortunes like a rubber band. She looks on the bright side of things, and her sunny disposition makes the Bull smile indulgently at the idealism and naivete behind it. But she doesnt recover as quickly from a broken heart as she does from smashed ambitions, a fractured dream, or a period of poverty. Unrequited love (meaning love she gives freely to a man who abuses her trust) gets her down, and sometimes keeps her there. But the gentle understanding of a patient Bull could heal her emotional scars and, at the same time, teach her that not all men are fickle phonies who break promises. Its not uncommon for these two to fall in love while hes playing Big Brother, and drying her tears over a broken affair. His dependability soothes her, and his steady faith in her calms her troubled soul. So she may decide this is the man shes been shooting for and missing since she first aimed her bow and arrow toward the stars and reached for an impossible dream.


She is fond of argument. Her swift flashes of logic give her a sharp insight, shes a skillful debater, and painfully honest. The trouble is, a Taurus man is not fond of argument and debate or even of overly long friendly discussions. She may then invite packs of assorted friends over to camp out, hang around, and keep her wits sharpened. But that will only make things worse. The Bull does not like to see his castle cluttered with noisy strangers, and it will take a good deal of emotional elasticity to ease the tight tension.


As for how long the quarrels last, it depends on her awareness of his nature. Shell forget her own anger quickly. He can pout for days unless she knows the secret to his heart. With a Bull, one hard squeeze, and one gentle kiss, will tear down all his obstinate defense. That brings the issue of their sexual harmony. Its possible for their physical relationship to be a good one, if they both try to understand each others different natures and sexual needs.

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  Woman and   Man

Last Update: May 20 2007 17:33:14


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