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Scorpio Woman and Aries Man

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Aries is a Positive Fire Sign. Scorpio is a Negative Water Sign. Scorpio is compelled to violate the unknown, in order to know, then knowing, keeps the secret. Aries plunges in recklessly, to discover truth and happiness, then shares it enthusiastically and openly. Their strategies are very different. Areis defends fiercely, in the front lines. Scorpio attacks suddenly, unexpectedly, from the rear. At war these two Sun Signs are natural enemies. Peace is better and it begins with Love.


When a lady with a Scorpio Sun sign falls in love, her friends, her family, her career, reputation, her suffering all count for nothing. She wont hesitate for a second to openly show her scorn for anyone who threatens to stand in the way of their happiness together, to cast a shadow on their love or to harm her man in any way. A devotion of this level of intensity should make it easier to overlook the manner in which she occasionally manipulates their personal squabbles against her Ram. Aries man needs to be loved all the way or not at all. And thats precisely how Scorpio loves. All the way or not at all.


There is a big chance that these two will be happily mated both mentally and physically. But they must first learn to submit to each other. Because, in love there should be no attack, or paying back type of incidents. Minor squabbles will be unavoidable though. In such case,   if the Ram will just let her win, or allow her to believe shes won, hell save a lot of wear and tear on his ego, through bypassing fruitless emotional conflicts with this woman, which are destined by the stars to lead absolutely nowhere. Its really the only way to get along with a lady Scorpion. One of his finer rewards for such emotional control and maturity, will be her gradual and certain, deeper respect for him.


The sexual attraction between an Aries man and a Scorpio woman is instant and magnetic, and can be permanently fulfilling. Their physical relationship will never be indifferent or casual.

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