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    Scorpio Woman and Cancer Man

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Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman will share the qualities of gentleness, loyalty, intensity of emotion, and great imagination. Together, they can create all manner of marvelous things a powerful love, a star-blessed child or children, or a great career.


Though Cancer-Scorpio relationship works best when the woman is the Crab, the man is the Scorpio, yet since these lovers are influenced by bless of planets, the sex of the lovers wont seriously impair their chances for harmony. In fact, theyre more compatible and harmonious than many other couples.


This man and woman are blessed with the grace to achieve a beautiful physical fulfillment together. Children conceived through this two Signs, when the Sun-Moon exchange is also favorable, are aptly called Love children. Between these two lovers, there exist the powerful initial attraction, their lingering pain when separatedtheir abundant opportunities for trying again after a quarrel.


Along with the vices and virtues they share, there are a few traits they dont share, and these will be, from time to time, troublemakers. In fact, both he and she take perverse joy in keeping secrets and neither of them can stand having a secret kept from them. Sometimes they cannot quite understand the depth of others feelings.


The maternal yearning is powerful in Cancer. In his mind, his mother is the only woman who ever totally understood him. The Scorpio woman should remember that.


The Scorpio woman takes her commitment to love very seriously, with an almost religious fervor. The Cancer man is moody, often fussy and exacting. But he knows that the opposite of love is not hate the opposite of love is indifference. And whatever he receives from his Scorpio woman, it will never be this.

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  Woman and   Man

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