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Scorpio Woman and Leo Man

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He is attracted to her like a bar of iron is attracted to a magnet. Shes usually unaware of the cool poise and inner wisdom she projects to others with just a deep, deep look. Most recipients of her gaze simply cringe and look away immediately, to avoid theyre not quite sure just what theyre only positive they want to avoid it. Not so the brave, stalwart Lion. Her gaze fascinates him. Sometimes he feels hes drowning in the cool, placid waters of her eyes, sometimes he feels hes learning mystical secrets by an unspoken transfer of knowledge. At other times he feels dangerously close to being swept into the storm of the churning, lashing waves behind her Scorpio stare, and to a Leo thats not spooky or scary its downright exciting.


Its impossible to be near a Lion and not feel the heat from the Suns rays penetrating your entire being. Like basking in front of a cozy hearth, when hes happy like warming yourself before glowing coals, when hes feeling nothing much at all or like the thrill of watching a huge forest fire, when hes aroused. He even walks gracefully, with an unmistakably regal dignity. No wonder she falls passionately in love with him. No wonder she adores him and no wonder the Leo male is magnetized by the Scorpio girl. These two will share an honest respect for one another.


Relationship of these two is not blessed by the planets, so, there will be many issues, creating conflict between them. One of the major issue may be money. And theyll possess a secret desire to dominate each other.


The attempt to cement a relationship with children often fails with other couples. But with Leo and Scorpio, Destiny has mysteriously decreed that if need and desire are intense enough a child shall lead the way to Oneness.

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  Woman and   Man

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