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Taurus Woman and Leo Man

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The relation between Taurus woman and Leo man is difficult and tense, which may be a challenge, but which is more richly rewarding than all others, if the challenges are courageously faced and conquered.


Whether or not any individual Leo male possesses the emotional poise to deserve his astrological comparison to a King, this is nevertheless his private ambition to rule those around him, most definitely including the Lions own mate. A Taurus girl instinctively desires to submit to her man, to stick by his side faithfully and loyally through all seasons. But being ruled sounds suspiciously to her like being pushed, and no Bull will tolerate being pushed. Although Taurus woman are capable of deep, lasting devotion and a warm-hearted love, they dont toss around careless compliments, they have no use at all for flattery, and they think worship is for the weak-minded. Since all Lions require and demand compliments, flattery and worship, you can see whats often missing in the relationship.


Although this mans disposition is undeniably masterful and therefore sometimes a shade tyrannical, hes a gentle, magnanimous lover, after a quarrel. His Leonine nobility of spirit makes it natural for him to want to kiss and make up. Verbal apologies he cant handle gracefully. They destroy his vanity. But hell show hes sincerely sorry with a variety of romantic overtures. Thats why these two often sense more empathy and mutual harmony in their sexual relationship than when theyre trying to play the banjo together.


A physical and tangible display of affection is sometimes the only way to reconcile an argument with a Taurus girl. Shell remain stone-faced and immune to flowery words and persuasive arguments. Long conversations bore her, because she feels only through her senses. Taurus wants action, not words. So shell respond beautifully to his passionate acts of love, and it all works out fine.


Theyll always have their periodic tugs of tension. Yet, the secret respect they feel for one another sometimes creates an unexpectedly soft, soothing carpet beneath their differences of opinion.


No matter how many obstacles this man and woman face in achieving emotional harmony together, theyll stand by each other, against the whole world, if necessary. When fate brings sorrow or tragedy, neither of them will fail the test of loyalty.

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  Woman and   Man

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