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Virgo Woman and Leo Man

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The first thing that happens when the Lion meets the Virgin is that hell be stirred by a powerful urge to protect this lovely dainty lady from Lifes ugly and unhappy experiences, with his great strength and loving heart. The second thing that happens, after a while, is that the he begins to feel a faint sense of unease. Hell find himself uncomfortably aware, as he glances in the mirror, that he perhaps needs a haircut. Then hell notice several heretofore-ignored small spots on his best jacket, which he hastens to send off to the cleaners. His shoes suddenly appear to be shamefully shabby, and he decides to buy several new pairs. While hes shopping, the thought strikes him that his wardrobe could also use some new shirts.


It isnt that she said anything about his appearance or clothing, shes too polite to criticize him verbally or directly (at least, until she knows him better), but its the way she looks at himthat cool glance from her clear, beautiful eyesthe barest suggestion of disapproval fleeting across her tranquil, composed features. Not quite distaste, but a bit too close to it for his vanitys comfort.


The Lion is dangerously near to being tamed. And she doesnt even carry a whip or a pistol loaded with blank caps. Soft music of Virgos meticulous nature, discrimination, and exquisite sense of loveliness, accompanied by Virgos gentle, courteous manners and her endearing way of making clear her respect and admiration for his virtues, is capable of turning the most ego-oriented, roaring Leo male into a docile, playful Pussycat, purring contentedly and rolling ecstatically in the catnip of her charm.


There will be many periods of tension, and misunderstanding between these two. Most of the troubles are caused by false pride, selfishness (his faults), and periodic detachedness (her fault).

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