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Virgo Woman and Libra Man

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Despite her Sun Sign compulsion to criticize, to detect flaws and correct them, a Virgo woman doesnt go around spending every moment of her time splitting hairs and being picky-picky. Shes an appealing feminine creature, with a gentle, pleasing personality, a sweet smile, and sparkling eyes. Theres some thing refreshing and cool and woodland green, something pure and white and soft about the aura of this woman that seems to penetrate the atmosphere around her, calming the spirit of the troubled and depressed.


As any practical, sensible Virgo will tell you, An ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure. To Libras way of thinking, a mistake may always be later atoned for and rectified resulting in a reconciliation. But a typical Virgo believes, first of all, in not making them in the beginning. You must admit this is quite clear-headed of her, because one does not have to atone for or rectify mistakes which arent made. Sheer, uncluttered logic. Therefore, this lady like a mental and emotional contortionist, try to avoid making mistakes shell later regret and also to help her Libra man avoid making them, in respect to their relationship. When her Herculean efforts fail, she figures shes tired. Consequently, facing up to the conclusion that its time the tie should be cut.


The Libra man tries hard too, because to Libra, Life is definitely a huge zero when it isnt being shared with someone special. To this man, his love relationship is a precious and priceless treasure, so he insures it against damage or loss as best as he can and in all fairness, his best isnt half bad. Yet considering Virgos meticulous nature, there will be many flaws with the Libra man, but hes so full of winsome charm and dimples, dazzling smiles and delightful conversation not to mention his usually brilliant mind hes still a pretty neat fellow, even for a Virgo.

AdK (Ggv xdRK) oiwlwPdw Kkw, Ggv hl L^R L^R oUwK ¦ Kkwk exZ kwxmMZ ZygZw ktQ glB j Kdw itxU jZqY RM awKg ZZqYB Zwk Pl Pkw xgmnY Awk LZLZ AwPkY Kkg Zid dt o GKRd AwKnxYthwg itly, hb, AwdbbwtK gxZ, jwk ktQ xix pwxo, Awk pwol Zwk RlRl PwLbUwI po IV GB itk Pwkewm ogoitB oRyg, mw, jd gdk ogRk iZw ogR, xg¦ Awk mwbw Ggv KwilZwk GKUw Al#xKK Awhw Rr awK Awk o Awhw jd Zwk PwkewmI Nk grwt, mw Kk bt oiowM Awk xgnY iwdnlwk AxpkZw


jKwd gnxtK, xgPqY Kdw RwxZKwB AwedwK glg, exZkwck Pt exZmc Kkw pwRwkY mt xK Zlwk cwY-cwkYw AdkKi, Zwk iZ jKwd hlB ekgxZZ ovmwcd Kk xdt o xgnt iyiwvow Kkw jwt xK GKRd owcwkY Kdw RwxZKwk idwhwg plw, eaiZ hlUw Kkwk bkKwkUw Ky, Kwd bkKwk dB iwdZB pg, Zwk GB hwgdw iwUI fldw dt Kddw hl jxb Kkw dw pt, oqˢ oUwK ovmwcd Kk xdt iyiwvow Kkwk gwrxZ SwilwlwI Awk awK dw Zyg Ggv e jx߄ flZ, GB it GKRd idk Ggv AwgMk KdUkmxdU (j xdRk mkykk xgxhd A eZ gwxKt Gid xKQ Ahx KkZ ewk, jUw ogwk eq og dt) - Gk iZw oi hl Kkw aK xdRK xgkZ kwL - jwZ ekgZyZ ZwK oB hllwk Kaw hg AdZ pZ dw pt, GKB owa o Zwk Zlw eknxUKI Zwbk oeK ovxm hllw Kkw aK xgkZ kwLwk AwewY Pw Pwlwt xK Zwk GB Zyg ePw jLd ga pt, ZLd o Kw pt er exkYxZZ, xdRbk gd hˊ flwk xgntB o Zwk xow xdt go


Zlw eknI Rwr ePw Pwlwt, Kddw Zwk KwQ Kwd GKRd xgmn ox Qwrw RygdUw Kgl GKUw Aapyd mdZwk Ze Zwk KwQ hwlwgwow plw Ail, Ggv ogP gr oeb AZGg Zwk GB oebxUk jwdw Kwd qxZ dw pt o xgnt o Zwk og xbt Pw Kkg Awk exkeY xdkeqZwk owa gll glZ pt - Zwk GB og xbt Pwk ZygZw gw mxUw xdZwB Lwkwe xKQ dt ZwkekI, Kdw itk oqwxZoK xgntI LZ LZ idwhwgk KwkY, Zlw eknxUk AdK bwnB bmiwd pt DVg xK, Zlw ekn Zwk Rt Kk dtw AwKnYytZw, Zwk Mwlk Uwl, PwL c^wcwdw pwxo Awk AwdbbwtK AwlwePwxkZw, Ggv glwB gwl Zwk Slil iwdxoKZwk Y, oxgmn GKRd exkwk exkQY iwdn - GidxK Zwk Kdw oxdyxUk KwQI


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  Woman and   Man

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